O&M and Warranty

RENEW Energy provides comprehensive long term services that fit the unique needs of your operation.

Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance practices are the heart of a profitable wind energy project. At Renew we want to be your partner in your operations and maintenance activities. Whatever the scope and whatever the turbine Renew will help make your project a success. Operations • Operations staffing for daily troubleshooting • Parts tracking and sourcing • Site supervision, production reports, safety compliance • 24 hr response, shift scheduling Preventative Maintenance • Fixed price preventative maintenance schedule compliance including tooling and consumables. • Labor support ranging from a single technician to entire maintenance crews. • Quality assurance inspections and training


Full Warranty Offering – In partnership with one of the largest risk management firms in the country RENEW is capable of offering financial and performance guarantees associated with operations and maintenance. This warranty product is designed to be comparable with OEM full service warranty including scheduled maintenances, unscheduled repairs and availability targets.


Understanding component conditions is vital to properly operating and maintaining your project. Operating equipment diagnostics will allow you to identify areas of concern, trend condition, prevent further damage and plan for future operations and repair. Our diagnostic methods include:

  • Borescope inspection
  • Vibration analysis
  • Oil analysis both static and dynamic
  • Thermal imaging
  • Condition monitoring both analysis of existing data and addition of more detail data collection

Asset Management

Every project needs asset management no matter what the size. Whether it is full scope asset management or supplemental staffing we are here to help you maximize your investment regardless of the project size.

  • Production monitoring and reporting
  • Safety compliance
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling and QC
  • Operations supervision and QC
  • Parts usage tracking, sourcing as well as spare part replenishment
  • Component monitoring and repair scheduling
  • Scada operation
  • Collection system and interconnect management
  • Accounting services

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