At Renew, dedication to dependable service and maintaining customer’s assets does not stop in the field. We are also a partner in remanufacture.

Complete Rebuild Capabilities

Renew’s 33,500 sq ft gearbox remanufacturing facility is located in Sioux Falls, SD the heart of Midwest wind development. This facility has the following dedicated areas

  • “Dirty Room” with service bay for receiving, staging, initial washing and tearing down gearbox/main shaft assemblies
  • “Clean Room” with temperature controlled, clean environment
  • Test stand capable of 300 hp load test at rated RPM
  • Oil conditioning system to achieve ISO 4406 Oil Cleanliness Standards
  • Condition Monitoring equipment – Vibration, Oil, Temperature analysis
  • 13,000 sq ft warehouse with storage room for complete kW and Mw gearbox parts and complete assemblies
  • Pursue ISO 9001 Certification

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